8 Free Tutorial Websites To Learn PHP


PHP provides better control and power than other web programs, like HTML, where code is downloaded to the PC or device to be executed.The thing most people don’t realize about coding PHP or any other programming language is that it’s fairly easy to teach yourself.You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to attend an Ivy league university.

If you don’t know where to start, here are 8 great sites to learn PHP programming online for free.

Free Websites To Learn PHP


PHP.net is the official website of PHP and it covers all you need to know about PHP.So when you definitely know that you want to create a website in PHP, start the tutorial..


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PHP manual

This is the official manual for PHP and it’s filled with detailed explanations of different concepts. What I liked most about this resource is that users can contribute their notes.


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PHP Tutorial by Tizag

This resource is ideal as PHP reference material and largely focuses on the definition of PHP, commands and methods for using them.


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PHPBuddy contains articles and tutorials on how to do basic PHP tasks such as how to work with Sessions, and encrypting and protecting your PHP code, so it is worth checking out.


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Killer PHP

This hands-on tutorial promises to teach you “usable PHP skills as quickly as possible”. There are also videos supplementing the tutorial. I found the videos not very engaging though.


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PHP Tutorial by W3schools

This guide is similar to the tutorial by Tizag above. In fact, the style and presentation are almost identical. Tizag’s tutorial covers a lot more ground — although that doesn’t mean W3schools’ content isn’t worth checking out. Once again, it should be used as a reference as opposed to a step-by-step tutorial or guide.


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PHP with MySQL Essential Training

This is an 11-hour course on Lynda.com. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial. I found these videos easy to understand and follow. What I liked most is that the teacher explains why we do what we do without using programming jargon.


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PHP Academy (YouTube)


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