Best Photoshop Photo Actions Tutorial

Actions automate a series of things you do to your images. If you regularly perform a specific set of steps in Photoshop, you can record all those steps so later with one click of a button, you can replicate that process on hundreds of images.

Photoshop actions can be a great help to designers and photographers who want to be able to quickly achieve different effects with photos.Here is the best photoshop actions to save your time..

Best Photoshop Photo Actions Tutorial

1.Create a glass transparency

Every designer has to know how to create a transparency effect. It’s a must read tutorial for beginners.



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2.Create a fantasy photo

Fantasy photos always look amazing. In this tutorial you will learn how to create this wonderful artwork.



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3.The police officer

This tutorial is devoted to work with colors and abstract objects. Find out how to create this cool police officer in Photoshop.



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4.Combine photo element to create a surreal photo

Surreal Photos always make wow effect. In this tutorial you will learn how to combine objects for creation of this surreal photo manipulation.



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5.Mysterious Hallow

In this tutorial you will see how one can create this Gothic photo manipulation in Photoshop.



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6.Making of imaginary paint dancer

This is a beautiful and unusual artwork with the splashes effect. In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to create it.



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7.transforming the image of a girl into milk figure

This Photoshop tutorial shows several techniques of transforming any image into a milk figure. All that you need to make this milk illustration are photo manipulation tools, like transformation tool, burn tool, layer mask, and few stock images.


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8.Create a dynamic angel falling scene

In this tutorial, you will discover how to draw fuse, wings, and digital renders into a fallen angel.



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9.Create a surreal floating ifeal tower scene


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10..Create a face shattering effect


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