Best User Experience (UX) demand best Front-End Developers


UX is quite a common term in web and mobile industry, but what exactly is UX. According to Wikipedia, “User Experience (UX) involves a person’s emotions and attitude about using a particular product, system or service.” Role of the UX designer involves understanding how the users think and what they need.

There are more digital products now more than ever and only few of them manage to delight a customer and at the same time are highly usable as well. Facebook, Twitter, Apple’s iTunes, are some examples of excellent digital products that stand out in poorly executed products today. Take example of driving an Audi with its elegant design, fine curves, powerful engine or using the latest iPhone, these products have high usability and meets a user’s real need, but more than that they evoke a powerful emotional connection that a user feels when he use these products.


Many a times, UX designers come up with a cool design, but it isn’t well suited for their website and the reason is most companies design their website based on their product or services rather than how customers will interact for their needs. Imagine you want to check a fashion website for upcoming trends and website asks you to sign-up with long form asking for contact details, you’ll leave the website and check another one. Another fatal error UX designers make is to not optimize their design for the mobile devices, and the list is endless.

Some interesting stats have came up for UX:

  • 78% people will search for another website to complete a task.

  • Mobile users are 5 times more likely to leave a website if it isn’t reponsive.

  • 81 % shoppers browse the product online before buying.

  • Men are more likely to buy online compared to women and main reason is better price.

  • 70% consumers learn about a company through their blog not advertisement

  • By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key differentiator.

UX Roles

There are six major roles that fall under UX:

  • Front-End Developer

  • Information Architect

  • User Researcher

  • Content Strategist

  • Interaction Designer

  • Visual Designer

Role of Front-End Developer

Front-end developer is responsible for the visual and interactive elements that see on the web page who are supported by back-end developers. In short, UX comes up with the layout of the webpage, front-end makes it possible with coding, back-end supports it with adding funcitionality.

To be a good Front-end developer, you have to know these languages: HTML (Structure), CSS (Presentation), JavaScript (Interaction), and here’s a reason why; it’s no matter what browser you’re using whether it’s chrome, safari, firefox on web or on a mobile device, they are running these three languages in the browser. The browser is opening an HTML page with CSS styling and JavaScript functionality. These are the three main languages, flash used to be on the list but it’s dying out.

Why Front-End developers work with UX team?

The foremost reason why front-end developers report to UX team is because of the different skill set both bring to the table. The challenge for UX designer is to solve user’s problems, look for opportunities to provide great user experience, improve usability, and on the other hand challenge for the front-end developer is to make the design possible or even suggest UX designers what is practically possible or what will work better.

Best front-end developers thinks and talk design rather than technical. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript sure do require technical skills but most developers don’t say but do admit aren’t very complex languages. But even then, they are technical languages and front-end developers are engineers, so why don’t they report to engineering department? In many companies they do, but when front-end developers report to engineering department they optimize their coding to fulfill engineering goals than strive to meet UX objectives. A high skilled front-end developer will understand both design principles as well as technical aspect that goes along with it.



Incorporating Front-end and UX together encourages new and unique ways of thinking which produces highly usable products (websites). Where UX designer is busy finding answers to the question WHY, Front-end developer finds answers to the question HOW. And when you have answer of both only than a truly remarkable product is achievable.

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