Funny Google Search Secret

google funny secret
Everyone knows how to pop a search term into Google and hit the search button, but very few realize the true power of Google.In this short post we uncover some little-known facets of Google.

Funny Google Search Secret

1#:Atari breakout

Just do an image search for “atari breakout” and see the magic.You can Play the classic game.

funny google search secret

2#:Google in 1998

Search for google in 1998 and the 98 version of google appear.

google search

#3:Barrel roll

Search for “do a barrel roll” and google does a barrel roll.

google search

#4:Customer street view

If you go to Legoland on google maps the street view pegman becomes a Legoman

google search

And if you go to the Kennedy Space Center It,s become an Astronaut.

google search

#5:Bacon Number

If you enter a “bacon number”after a celebrity’s name it shows their bacon number (degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon)

google search


If you google “anagram”,google suggest an anagram of “nag a ram”

google search

#7:Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is a video game term of an overwhelming attack.and when you search it Google attack the result.

google search

So here is the secret of funny google search.Hope you enjoy it.Happy Googleing..

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