Materializecss a frontend FrameWork For Developer


You already know about Google Material Design. Materializecss is a A modern responsive frontend framework for developer which based on Material Design. Its really cool.

The most popular front-end framework is BootStrap and from my view Materializecss will be another one which will attract developer for random development.

You can check Materializecss from there you will find all you need to get start.

Lets answer a question Why you will useMaterializecss ?

The answer is really pretty simple. Because to develop your project very faster and device friendly. Materializecss is really great for device even than bootstrap. You already know that Material Design actually comes for Mobile App and for this the whole design concept is great for responsive device. If you develop a project with Materializecss then it will be more device friendly than bootstrap.

Materialize comes in two different forms. You can select which version you want depending on your preference and expertise. To start using Materialize, all you have to is download one of the options like css or sass option.

Its have two starter template to make your project more easier. You can start with it also.

Starter Template

starter-template a frontend FrameWork For Developer








Demo  Download

Parallax Template

parallax-template a frontend FrameWork For Developer








Demo  Download

You can check its documentation from here

So lets start coding with Material Design  🙂





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