Secrets To be the Best Blogger – Blogging Tips


Blogging is one of the tricky ways to promote your works and yourself also. In this era of web technology building a blog site will be the easiest way on this regard. Because of the advancement of web technologies you will find various tools, for example- WordPress, blogger and Joomla, to build up your blog site. Besides, blogging tools are free to use if you use their built in themes or templates, plugins and extensions.

In order to using your customized plugins and extensions, you have to buy your own domain. However, it’s your choice. I would like to focus on “better ways for blogging”.
After building a blog site (by using free tools or buying domain) it is essential to promote or branding and it is really difficult to accomplish. Here are some helpful tips for you:

Secrets To be the Best Blogger – Blogging Tips

Begin with a brand:

You should find a good domain which is really difficult task, because most of the good domains are already booked. But you should try; you can select a name which is easy to memorize. Also keep in mind that domain names represent the contents of your blog site. So you should find a domain name related to the contents that you will post in your future blog.

Blog site domains containing .com are better than .net or .org or country’s name with two letter abbreviation (e.g. for United
After having a good domain name for your blog, you should spot it to your blog. The most recommended trick is altering DNS of domain as if your blog site appears when users type the name of your blog in browser. There are various blogging softwares available to assist you bringing your domain. Therefore, you need to go through the manual to know the use of that kind of services.

Getting an eye catching logo is also important to make a good brand. Logo represents the name and symbol of a site. Logo may contain text and visual image. Some sites’ logos have strong symbolic expression so that people can remember easily. For example you can look at the logos of Facebook, Linkedin, Mcdonalds etc. Well designed and professional looking logo will help you to get maximum hits on your blog site.

If your logo was designed as like as Microsoft word then users will be able to understand that your blog has professional contents that will be useful for them. While designing a logo, make sure the text of blog name is comprehensible and simple to read at expanse. Use solid colors instead of gradients and try to avoid using many numbers. It is better to use 3 main colors. It is also good to have something in your logo so that users can easily remember it.

You should hire a professional designer and it will be the best way to have professional designed logo. Discuss with the designer with details about your logo; tell him/her what you need actually. You may also get some online services that serve for logo designing. When you get a well designed logo meanwhile make sure of having favicon for your blog site. Favicon will be displayed in the browser when users visit your blog site.


Writing Attractive Headlines

Make headlines as if users get interest to visit your blog site and read the full contents. It is important to get hits on your blog, because most of the users will visit your site through click on permalink instead of visiting blog’s home page directly. Writing an attractive headline is not so hard. The headline should not contain more than 70 characters rather it is better to shorten the headlines within 50 to 60 characters.
To make a catchy headline you can use numerical numbers. Using impressive adjectives is also helpful. Examples of such kinds of adjectives are Fun, Absolute, Strange, Free, Incredible, Kickass, Mind blowing, Brilliant etc. If you are going to post something technical or tricky post then you can use some words in headlines and these are- Ideas, Facts, Secrets, Tricks etc.

And for God sake don’t use the word “things” in headlines. There are some trigger words you try also; for example- what, why, when and how.
If you want to teach readers through your post then make your headlines as if readers get it valuable and promising. So here are some examples of headlines you could follow:

  • How to change background of an image easily in Photoshop?
  • 10 secrets you should know about affiliate marketing.
  • How you can sell your products within 24 hours without any effort?


Make Good Networks

Making good networks means promoting yourself to others. You should make good relationship with other well-known bloggers and owners of popular blog sites. You don’t need to be their best friend. Just make connections so that you can send them texts via e-mail or chatting apps.

You may write something about their works or admire their works through your blog post.You can inform them about your posts containing links of their sites. Don’t ask anything in exchange of this. It will be helpful to get their attention. May be in future they will be interested to your works. They may also recommend their readers to read something valuable from your blog.


Spread Out Blog Links

Overflow your works through various sites. You can share the links of your favorite blog posts on Delicious, Google Reader and Magnolia. Use twitter and share your blog post links. Also share your social media accounts below the blog posts so that users can get you online. Set up users’ comment plugins or extensions in your blog. Read comments of readers and try to answer them.

Also appreciate them for commenting and give some tips if they want to know something more from you.Using some widgets is helpful to share your blog posts’ links on aggregators. But make sure that you share posts’ links to related sites.

For example- you have blog related to tech news; so you must use some widgets such as Slashdot, Reddit and Digg. If your blog contains political contents then you can use Facebook and NewsVine. You may also think about Yahoo Buzz and StumbleUpon.



Syndicate, Analyze and Tracking

Keep in mind that most blog readers find your blog through the links that you posted anywhere else. In this case RSS functions work. If you are not skilled of normal works of syndication standard then you must need to find some resource regarding this and get yourself skilled on this. Make sure that your feeds are validated. You can use RSS validators from and the website of W3C. You must fix if any problems occur.

Tracking your blog’s traffic is must to do. There are some free services available such as Google Analytics and Tynt Tracer. You can get help from their services. As a result you can find the most popular post. You can also know from where your clicks are coming. You may know where the blog has the most toeholds.
Archiving Articles is Must
You must keep your posts so that others can read them. Sometimes readers comeback to find some posts they read earlier ; may be a couple of years ago. Thus your old posts have the opportunity to get maximum hits again.