You’ll Love These 3 Awesome Smoothie Apps for Healthy & Delicious Smoothies


Smoothies are so tasty and they are often very nutritious, too! If you’re a smoothie fan, you’ll love these 3 awesome apps for making healthy and delicious smoothies. We’ve taken care of the hard work and research for you, by checking out an array of smoothie apps online and then choosing the best. When you use any of these apps, you’ll be able to whip up exceptional smoothies which are hearty enough to fill you up, but are low enough in calories to help with your waist line.

These smoothies are great to enjoy at home or in a shaker while you’re on the go! To make things easier for you, we’ve noted the availability of the app on iPhone and Android platforms.


1.) Green Smoothies

If you have an iPhone, you’ll love this handy app. It’s loaded with amazing smoothie recipes which are easy to make and so much fun to try. Created by a smoothie expert, this app will allow you to access the health benefits of green smoothies in no time flat. Smoothie recipes are arranged by category, so it is easy to find exactly what you need. As well, you’ll find that this app has a user-friendly interface which is really a pleasure to navigate.


2.) Superfood HD

This iPhone app is packed not only with wonderful and healthy recipes for smoothies, but also other healthy recipes for baking and cooking food. Among its large list of recipes is a smoothie database, created for health food fans who want to enjoy great-tasting smoothies, which satisfy their taste buds while fuelling their energy and recovery. Superfood HD also includes lots of information about what certain superfoods do for the human body, as well as calorie and energy information which is great for people looking to lose weight.


3.) Smoothie Recipes

This app is for Android and is available via Google Play. When you choose to install Smoothie Recipes, you’ll be able to access tons of healthy recipes which are quick and simple to prepare. You can search either by an ingredient or fitness goal. For example after a long run, instead of drinking a straight protein shake I prefer mixing my whey protein with my smoothie. To make things easy I just search for the ingredient ‘whey protein’ or the supplement that I use in the app and pick the best looking recipe that I find. The good thing about Smoothie Recipes is that the recipes aren’t too complicated, so you’ll find that whipping up smoothies is simple and straightforward, not to mention fun!


Download Your Favourite App Today

Hopefully, this quick guide has helped you to find the right smoothie app. Installing your favourite app will be quick and easy and these apps are definitely affordable. Once you’ve discovered some new smoothie recipes, you’ll be able to make these thick and delicious health food drinks whenever you want to. Without this type of app, you may find that it’s harder to access the recipes that you want via your preferred mobile device.

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